Rectors Newsletter May 6th, 2020

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Uganda! A quick update from the school. First of all, thank you so much for all your inquiries and prayers for our well being. I’m happy to report we are all fine. All schools were closed almost 7 weeks ago, and Uganda has been under lockdown for the past 4 weeks, now extended an additional 2 weeks. For us this end it means no public or private transportation, or even public exercise. Markets were allowed to remain open, but the workers had to sleep in their stalls. so pretty tough going for them, but especially for those who earn an income on a daily basis. Basically you can move on foot, bicycle or motorbike (but no passengers as they are meant for delivery services). Curfew is 7pm until 6 am. Life has become very quiet on the most part. A few things were allowed to resume on Tuesday but for the most part we remain shutdown. Face masks are now compulsory in public. Actually a good opportunity  for all the out of work tailors and seamstresses, and the touts who normally lined the streets selling their wares.

IMG_1862.JPG A vendor selling face masks in Kampala recently. Photo: Nicholas Bamulanzeki






Teachers and students returned to their homes in the villages, where things may still be difficult but there is at least some food security from their gardens and plantations. Here at the school the grounds keepers, security and cooks are continuing with their normal routines, for which I’m very grateful. I’m particularly grateful for the assistance of the Deputy Principal, Ainebyoona Annibo, for moving up and down between his family and the school to make sure everything is fine at the school on my behalf.

I’m also have been at home for the past 7 weeks, the days seem to be passing quickly enough. No ironing of clothes, which I don’t miss at all, as all this time I’m dressed in what might be best describes as permanent cottage attire. I also have faithful companion (Rafiki) to keep me company. But I confess this continued close confinement while making one of us very happy, is testing the others limits.
IMG_1844 copy

IMG_1845 copy

As you have noted new site and format. As I’m not very skilled with technology , I thought this program might be more suitable for my skill set. We shall see. But hopefully some updates about the school will be forth coming over next couple of days.

I’m thinking of all of you and have you in my prayers. Please pray for all the staff and students as they face their own particular trials. Especially the “candidates”, those students who are to sit national exams in the fall. I know they and their parents must be particularly stressed with all the uncertainty that now surrounds that exercise.


God bless!  Paul