—“come, thou long expected Jesus, Born to set thy people free”

Dear friends and overseas partners in ministry, 

Happy Advent! I am excited about the coming of Jesus as a Saviour and Judge. Christ coming to us in this season gives us hope.

We are profoundly grateful know that you think of us in prayers. The year 2020 has turned to a different as picture than the anticipated but we are grateful to God for everything we have.

In Uganda today the covid 19 statics stands as follows cases 21,409, Recovered 9,044, Deaths 207. All this especially the deaths has just raised in two months its a threat to us with inadequate facility’s and has made the health sector over stretched . Keep us in prayers 

As a school who have been grateful to God he has kept us moving a midst challenges. What seemed uncertain for the students in candidate classes turned out with some hope when 1 ½ months ago the candidates were let to embark on second term.

We are grateful to the Rector Canon Paul for his ministry and parent love to the school . God has used him to make the school move amidst challenges . This is a hard time for his ministry as the head everyone looks at him. Keep him in prayer.

The candidate classes consistitute a smaller percentage of the school enrollment and this has led us to the limited resources to run the program. Nevertheless we have tried our best to run the program. We are just two weeks to the end of the term.

The on going candidates study program has been un usual considering the nature of teaching and learning process. Teaching and learning with masks, keeping social distance and all other SOPS. We are grateful students and staff have quickly adopted to the new norm and have kept to the protect lives.

Beloved as we come to the end of the year that we can’’t regret what we failed to achieve but grateful for life. We request you to keep us in prayer for the following uncertainties.

Pray for the rest of the students who have been home for close to ten months uncertain of their academic career.Most of these have been faced with domestic violence with associated problems.

Pray for teachers whose income has been affected and of these they have families to take care of in paying bills.

Remember to pray for parents who have been affected by economically, socially and psychologically by the effects of the pandemic.

Pray for the church of Christ in the world that is fighting the battle of faith. The church has continued to pray and offer ministry to people.

Pray for our communities where now they are at a risk because lockdown has been lifted and we have community transmission.

Pray for the school administration as we plan everything ready to make adjustments because we can’’t anticipate the future. We trust God.

Remember to pray for our country Uganda that is preparing for presidential elections due to take place 14th January 2020. We pray for peaceful elections.

Pray for the government, ministry of health and ministry of Education in directing us.

It is ancipated that other classes may be called back to school at the beginning of next year.

Pray for wisdom as we look forward to saving lives and fulfilling the SOPS which seem expensive especially to private schools of our nature.

We continue to keep you in our prayers and ask God to protect you. We believe God will see us through.

Merry Christmas.


Deacon Joseph Tusingwire


“Great is thy faithfulness O God my Father