To God Be The Glory!”

While 2020 may not have turned out to be the year we anticipated, much was accomplished in 2019, for which we are greatly appreciative.

While the Library was our biggest accomplishment, much progress was made in other areas.

The Dining Hall, a project started over 15 years ago was finally completed. The veranda surrounding the building was constructed, and the building was plastered inside and out.With its facial boards in place, and newly painted, it became another bright spot on the hill.

Nearby the Food Store had its veranda, constructed, facial boars put on, with the exterior walls being plastered, and painted. Nearby the Kitchen had its walls and roof painted. (Kitchen interior was renovated with new stoves in 2018)


The Chapel of St. John the Evangelist was completed after more than 10 years. It came from humble beginnings …..


This year the exterior walls and veranda were plastered, facial boards put in place, and the interior and exterior of the Chapel was painted.

By November the Chapels new Altar had arrived.


It was great year for painting on the hill. Many of the older buildings go a much needed facelift, with exterior walls and roofs being painted (making us look like a sea of blue from up on high, and facial boards added.

Administration Building and Classroom Block


Science Block 



Entrances Main School and Elementary Section



A beautiful sea of blue!


To God Be The Glory!”